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Funding Helps Band Learn New Skills

The Rangiora-Ashley Community Board were delighted to approve a grant to the McAlpines North Canterbury Pipe Band at their meeting last night. The $395 grant will help the band send a piper to the Royal New Zealand Pipe Band Association Summer School.

Future of Public Transport up for Discussion

Light rail, autonomous vehicles and uber-style public transport are some of the ideas envisioned for the region’s future in the recently released Draft Canterbury Regional Public Transport Plan.

Woodend-Sefton Communities Sharing Ideas and Finding Their Voice

Last night’s Woodend-Sefton Community Board meeting was about sharing information and making sure the communities voices are heard.

The meeting started with a presentation from North Canterbury Neighbourhood Support about their work connecting communities.

Freight Trains Running 24/7

Freight trains will be operating day and night on the Main North Line between Picton and Christchurch from early October. This is in addition to work trains and other high-rail vehicles that use the line to help with the KaikĊura earthquake recovery.

Swooping Season Returns

As we head into spring, we once again reach magpie nesting season in Waimakariri. During the next four to six weeks, these intelligent birds will become extremely protective of their territory as they defend their young and they can be prone to swooping on nearby pedestrians and cyclists.

Supporting Neighbours

Oxford Ohoka Community Board started their meeting last night with two deputations from community groups.  They also supported key recommendations from staff and again, were delighted to fund a range of community projects.

Daytime Freight Trains Resume After Kaikoura Earthquake

The first daytime freight trains in almost two years will be running again between Blenheim and Christchurch from next week, marking a milestone in the rebuild effort following the  Kaikoura earthquake.

Protect Our Beaches

Council were very disappointed to discover yet more damage from vandalism around our beaches over the last few weeks.  This is becoming a regular occurrence, is causing damage to our natural resources, and costs money to put right.

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