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Speed Limit Change for Tram Road at Mandeville

Road users are reminded that the new speed limit of 80km/h comes into effect on Tram Road at Mandeville on Tuesday 5th June 2018, however, the area will initially remain under a temporary 50km/h speed limit while work is completed in the area.

Chinese Clampdown Causing Increased Recycling Costs

China is clamping down on dirty recycling and it holds ramifications for the Waimakariri District.

LTP Deliberations Wednesday Highlights

Day two of deliberations for the draft Long Term Plan are underway. Councillors will continue to debate the key proposals of the Plan including the remaining public submissions received during the consultation period.

Council Approves Expanded Your Choice Kerbside Collection Service

The expanded ‘Your Choice’ kerbside collection service was approved this morning during the draft Long Term Plan deliberations.

District Regeneration Gains Momentum

In a huge boost to Regeneration, the Council has approved $18.6 million over the next ten years be included within the Long Term Plan for District Regeneration activity.

Waimakariri CDEM Participates in Alpine Fault Earthquake Scenario Excercise

Did you spot the CDEM response teams around Canterbury over the weekend? Exercise ‘Scarface’ was based on an Alpine Fault earthquake scenario, and involved CDEM response teams from across the South Island, including Waimakariri, Christchurch, Selwyn, Timaru, Nelson and Marlborough.

Council Decision on Multi-Use Sports Facility

Council has spent the last few hours debating whether the district needs or can afford a proposed multi-use sports facility at Coldstream Road, Rangiora.

LTP Deliberations Tuesday Highlights

It's decision time! Draft Long Term Plan deliberations are now underway. Councillors will debate the key proposals and consider in excess of 800 submissions received during public consultation.

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