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Safety First for Community

The Woodend-Sefton Community Board were keen to hear the feedback about the extension of the Rangiora Woodend Path along School Road to the State Highway.

Cust Boil Water Notice

17 November 2020

The boil water notice issued for the Cust Water Supply has been lifted but chlorination remains in place.

Community’s Unsung Heroes Celebrated at Awards

Each year, the Waimakariri District Council celebrates the people who have made great contributions to the Waimakariri District. Now in their 29th year, the Community Service Awards formally recognise the substantial commitment of the unsung heroes who work quietly in the background making our community a better place to live. Whether it’s for sport, youth, family, church, education, community or earthquake response, we want to make sure these volunteers are thanked on behalf of our community.

A Bid for Dog Park Funding

Oxford’s proposed dog park now has a location but whether or not the proposal will become a reality is to be decided on by a submission to the 21-31 Long Term Plan (LTP) for funding.

Council Services on Canterbury Anniversary Day

Friday is Canterbury Anniversary Day, and the Waimakariri District Council reminds residents that a few services may change.

Ageing Poplars Prompts Removal

The Council will be removing a number of Lombardy poplars at the Ashley Gorge Reserve that are in decline due to their age, following a recommendation from an expert arborist.

Alpine Fault Science Presentation Returns to Oxford

North Canterbury residents will have a chance to hear from leading natural hazard scientist, Professor Tom Wilson of University Of Canterbury about the impacts and consequences of a future magnitude 8 earthquake along the Alpine Fault, and how people can become better prepared for it.

Road Safety Week Raising Driver Awareness

Today marks the start of “Road Safety Week”, a chance to raise awareness and promote steps everyone can take to reduce the harm that happens on Waimakariri District’s roads.

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