Graffiti vandalism, or tagging, is not just a Council or Police problem - it is a community problem. If tagging is not removed promptly it attracts more tagging.

You can take action against tagging by removing it as soon as it happens. This sends a message to the offenders that tagging will not be tolerated by the community.

Report tagging to the Police immediately - especially if the offender is still there or has just left.

How to deter tagging

There are steps you can take to reduce the risks of your property being targeted:

  • Plant shrubs or other vegetation in front of fences and walls.
  • Paint fences or walls in dark colours.
  • Install motion sensor lights.
  • Install video surveillance cameras - the possibility of being caught on video is a good deterrent.
  • Remove graffiti as soon as possible. One tag attracts more tags.
  • Join (or form) a Neighbourhood Support Group, with neighbours keeping an eye on each other's properties.
  • Protect exposed walls with a graffiti protection product - suppliers can be found in the Yellow Pages.

Graffiti removal tips

  • Graffiti is easier to remove before it dries.
  • The appropriate treatment for removal will vary depending on whether the surface is treated or untreated, hard, soft, or porous. It may be advisable to seek advice from a paint products specialist before starting.
  • Try to remove tags when they are fresh by using methylated spirits, turpentine, paint-stripper, dishwashing detergent, branded graffiti removal products or oven cleaner.
  • Paint your walls or fence in dark colours. Colours that will cover in one coat are most effective, such as green or brown. It is easier to keep a painted wall graffiti-free as any further tags can simply be painted over.
  • Clean unpainted walls or fences by sanding or waterblasting.
  • Covering surfaces in a graffiti protection will make removal far easier if it is tagged.

Graffiti on electricity network equipment

To report graffiti on electricity network equipment, visit the MainPower website.

For safety reasons, graffiti on electricity network equipment should only be removed by MainPower employees and approved contractors.