Parking tickets

Parking tickets must be paid in full within 28 days of issue of the infringement. No part payments can be accepted.

Where can I pay my ticket?

If your ticket is not paid within the 28 days we will send you a reminder. If you still do not pay within the time stated on the reminder, it will be handed over to the Fines and Collections Unit of the Department for Courts. Once your ticket is lodged with the court, your ticket will also incur court costs and it will have to be paid through the court's system.

Paying by internet banking

You are welcome to pay a parking ticket via internet or phone banking. The Council's bank account for phone or internet payments is Account Number: 01-0877-0129222-00. Use the Notice number as the reference. Note: put 'P' in front of the number if it doesn't appear on the infringement notice.

Paying a parking ticket by internet banking

Can I make an explanation?

If you wish to offer an explanation on the offence, or contest the issuing of the notice, please write to the Council within seven days with supporting documentation, i.e. a copy of your new warrant of fitness, or proof of payment for your registration. We have a parking ticket explanation form (pdf, 97.7 KB) available which you can drop your explanation into one of the Council's service centres at Rangiora, Oxford or Kaiapoi or post to Waimakariri District Council, Private Bag 1005, Rangiora 7440. Alternatively you can use our online parking ticket explanation form. You will receive a written response advising you of the outcome of your infringement.

Parking fines

Offence Charge
Not more than 30 minutes
Between 30 minutes and 1 hour
Between 1 hour and 2 hours
Between 2 hours and 4 hours
Between 4 hours and 6 hours
More than 6 hours
Within 6 metres of an intersection
On or near a pedestrian crossing
On yellow lines
Double parking
Inconsiderate parking
No registration
No warrant of fitness (WOF)

These infringement fines are set by government, in Schedule 2 of the Transport Act 1962.