Processing of your building consent

This is the process that your building consent goes through from when it is received by the Council.

The building consent process

  • The consent is received at the Council's customer services counter or by post or electronically. An initial payment is required with the application (see Building services fees and charges page).
  • The consent is vetted. This is where your application is checked for basic information required to start processing your consent. If relevant information is missing from your application it will either be sent back to you or it will not be accepted over the counter.
  • A copy of the consent is sent to PIMS Team to be processed if required (PIM - project information memorandum) The PIM will be included in your consent (you will receive a copy). A copy of the consent is also sent to the Processing Team. The application is then allocated to a building consent officer. The building consent officer will look at your plans and specifications to ensure that they show sufficient detail and that they comply with the minimum requirements of the Building Code. If items are found to be non-complying or if extra detail is required to show compliance, you will be sent a request for further information (RFI). In the case where no PIM has been applied for we will also include items that do not comply with the Waimakariri District Council's District Plan that need to be resolved. The processing time clock is then stopped.
  • RFI information is received. The RFI information is checked by the Building Consent Officer and the processing clock is restarted. The processor then approves the plans and specifications and forwards the completed file to the next stage.
  • The file is then sent to validation. This is a final quality assurance check.
  • The consent is sent to admin to be granted and fees invoiced.
  • On receipt of full payment, your building consent will be issued along with your consent documents.
  • Start work. Building work can start once the building consent is received or uplifted. Inspections can then be booked in.