Building consents

In this section you will find helpful information about building consents.

The Council's Building Unit is responsible for administering the Building Act and checking that your plans and specifications comply with the New Zealand Building Code.

What is a building consent?

A building consent is approval from the Council to carry out building work. The Building Act sets out the requirements for all building work. You must have a building consent before you can undertake most building work. For information please see the Processing of your building consent page. 

Some building work does not require a building consent - refer to the MBIE booklet (pdf, 2.0 MB).

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Have a complaint?

Complaints with regard to the Building Unit's level of service should, in the first instance, be forwarded to the Council's Building Unit Manager who will decide on further action  to be taken in regard to the complaint. If the outcome is deemed unsatisfactory by the complainant, the matter will be escalated to the Chief Executive.

All formal complaints to the Council must be received in writing (email, letter or on the Building Unit complaint form below). 

Building Unit complaint form

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).