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Here you will find practical information on getting consents for everyday building projects.

Information shown on each page is intended as guidance only. Additional items may arise during processing.

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Discretionary exemptions

The Building Act allows councils to exempt some building work from requiring a building consent. Requests for an exemption from building consent are considered on a case-by-case for a wide range of work and projects where the design and construction work is:

  • carried out by suitably qualified and experienced people with a proven track record of competence in similar work
  • assurance is given to show why it is likely that the work will be performed in accordance with the building code
  • the purposes and principles of the Building Act will not be undermined by the approval of an exemption.

Each exemption request is considered carefully by the processing team to assess compliance with the Building Code.

 If you wish to apply for an exemption from building consent, use the form Building consent application for dwellings and other work that does not fit the criteria for specified minor works fixed fee (pdf, 2.9 MB).