Wastewater projects

Wastewater projects to improve the quality, capacity or reduce risk on the wastewater schemes are required to meet the target levels of service, accommodate growth and maintain the wastewater process to an acceptable condition.

The current wastewater projects underway are:

  • Rebuilding and replacement of sewers in Kaiapoi following earthquake damage: A number of pump stations are still required to be constructed in Kaiapoi, largely in the red zones. Currently pump stations are under construction on Sneyd Street and Charles Street adjacent to New World supermarket.
  • Wastewater renewals: To renew pipes that are at the end of their life we are relining old sewer mains. Interflow are undertaking relining of pipes in Woodend, Rangiora and Kaiapoi over the next few months.
  • Ohoka Village wastewater scheme: The construction of the new Ohoka Village wastewater scheme has started with the main now installed on Jacksons Road to service the Ohoka School. The remainder of the scheme will be starting to be installed from approximately April 2016 onwards. Existing property owners in the area will then have the opportunity to connect on to the scheme as and when they want to.
  • Fernside wastewater servicing: A study to determine the optimum future wastewater servicing for the Fernside area is currently being undertaken and is due to be reported to the Council in April 2016. Following adoption by the Councillors, the existing Fernside scheme members will be consulted on the preferred option.
  • Oxford wastewater treatment plant renewals: New aerators and a new UV unit are currently being designed for installation in the coming couple of months at the Oxford plant which will increase treatment capacity to ensure resource consent conditions are met.
  • Mandeville septic tank repairs. Repairs to the septic tanks as consulted with the properties on the Mandeville wastewater scheme are starting in February 2016. Each individual property owner will agree to a scope and timing of the work prior to any work on their property.

The planned wastewater projects for future construction are:

  • Rangiora wastewater treatment plant upgrade: A new pump station, aeration basin and screening facility is currently being designed for construction at the treatment plant. This will enable better treatment of the wastewater and allow for further growth in Rangiora. Work is planned to start at the treatment plant in April/May 2016.
  • Woodend wastewater treatment plant upgrade: Two new ponds at the Woodend plant are currently being designed for construction in late 2016. This will expand the treatment capacity at the plant to cater for growth in Woodend, Pegasus and the surrounding areas.
  • Central Rangiora trunk sewer: A new large diameter pipeline is being installed from the Rangiora treatment plant through Central Rangiora over the next ten years to cater for growth and reduce overflows. There will be media releases and targeted consultation with affected parties throughout this construction period which is due to start in late 2016. Find out more about this project on our Rangiora wastewater pipe upgrades page.
  • Parnham Lane pump station rising main construction: A new 1.4 km rising main from the Parnham Lane pump station in Kaiapoi is being constructed in 2017. The pipeline will be installed in the road from the Parnham Lane pump station, along Vickery Street, Ohoka Road and Charters Street, and will connect to an existing pipe near the Kaiapoi River on Raven Quay. This is to replace the existing rising main which has reached the end of its useful life. Properties along the alignment of the main will be notified before the work starts.

Ocean outfall maintenance

(Page updated 18 February 2016)