District development

The District Development section includes information about the Council's planned response to district and population growth and development.

We are putting together a draft District Development Strategy: Our District, Our Future -  Waimakariri 2048

Kaiapoi-Library-1 The Waimakariri District Council is putting together a District Development Strategy in 2017 to provide a spatial framework to guide the anticipated growth of our District over the next 30 years.The Strategy will focus on planning the physical aspects of the District, such as residential and business growth areas and relationships with transport, infrastructure, the environment, rural areas and community spaces and places. For nearly 30 years, Waimakariri has been one of the fastest growing districts in New Zealand. The population and business sector has been growing steadily and our population may grow to about 80-100,000 people over the next three decades (based on Statistics New Zealand’s medium to high growth projections) - up from 57,800 in 2016. It is critical to plan for potential growth over the next 30 years, ensuring the District remains a great place to live, visit, work and play in. By providing a clear integrated, strategic picture of our future, we ensure that our resources, services and plans are working towards the same goals and that the public and private sector know our community’s direction. It will also provide the framework for other key Council documents such as the District Plan, Long Term Plan, Infrastructure Strategy, Financial Strategy and Annual Plans.

We are proposing seven key themes to help shape the draft Strategy, as follows:

  • Our Growing Communities
  • Our Connections
  • Our Economy
  • Our Centres
  • Our Community Spaces and Places
  • Our Environment
  • Our Rural Areas and Small Settlements    

In addition, a draft Strategy will be underpinned by a number of key principles to provide context and guide decisions on planning and investment, as well as Strategy implementation. One of these key principles will be Culture: continuing to build Council’s relationship with Te Ngai Tuahuriri Runanga by giving public effect to the spirit of the Treaty of Waitangi and by protecting or enhancing local heritage sites and values of cultural significance. The Waimakariri District Council is proud of the relationship it has formed with Mana Whenua to further develop Treaty of Waitangi based relationships.

Some background information can be found here Cultural Heritage


Since October 2016, we have been seeking the community’s early thoughts through the  Our District, Our Future – Waimakariri 2048, Your Early Thoughts’ (pdf, 8.5 MB) document. This document introduces the District Development Strategy project and asks a number of prompting questions centred around the seven key themes proposed to help us prepare a draft District Development Strategy. Comments received from submissions to date have been summarised in the ‘Our District, Our Future – Waimakariri 2048, Your Early Thoughts Feedback Summary (March 2017)’ report. This is a live document which we will continue to update as further submissions are received. We welcome your further comments via this document until we release a draft District Development Strategy document for formal public consultation by middle of 2017.See the information within the document link above for ways in which you can tell us your views or do it online.

Launch Event

district development strategy meeting 

A launch event was held at the Rangiora Town Hall on Wednesday 2 November 2016, 5.30 p.m., giving people an opportunity to tell us in person their thoughts, priorities, ideas, issues and opportunities that we need to consider and maximise over the next 30 years. We had a great turnout and everyone's feedback will be considered when we draft a District Development Strategy. Thank you to everyone who came along to tell us your thoughts. 

The District Development Strategy process

The preparation of a Waimakariri District Development Strategy will occur over a number of months, which will include key milestones where we seek community feedback, alongside completing a number of technical reports. We are currently asking your views and ideas at the outset of the project to help inform a draft Strategy that is to follow.

Key Engagement Milestones 

Late 2016 / early 2017: 

Early / mid 2017:

  • Draft District Development Strategy consultation

Mid / late 2017:

  • District Development Strategy finalisation and adoption 

Quick links

Other District development documents

The Council has also already adopted a number of related Strategies to assist us to plan for the future growth of particular areas within the District or District development topics. 

The Council’s responsibilities as a partner organisation in the Greater Canterbury Urban Development Strategy (GCUDS) will have a significant impact on its district development activities over the next 30 years.