Courtenay Drive Infrastructure

Another Regeneration Project

The sewers in Courtenay Drive, Charters Street and Wyber Place suffered significant earthquake damage during the 2010/2011 earthquakes. The existing wastewater pump station also sustained damage. New wastewater pump stations have been built at the corner of Wyber Place and Courtenay Drive and at the corner of Charters Street and Courtenay Drive to replace the damaged pump station. These new pump stations also remove the need to replace some deep sewers along Courtenay Drive. Other sewers in Courtenay Drive, Charters Street and Wyber Place have been replaced or repaired. A 1.2m diameter stormwater pipe to the east of Courtenay Drive was also damaged and will be partially replaced.


The project is expected to be completed by early February 2018.

Traffic changes

Courtenay Drive will be closed for through-traffic at times during May, June and July to enable the new infrastructure to be installed as quickly as possible. There will be no restriction to accessing homes for residents. On-street parking will be temporarily affected in the immediate work area. Road cones will indicate where parking will not be available.


Trenching for the sewer in Courtenay Drive – May 2017

Pump Station

Underway with the new wastewater pump station near Wyber Place – May 2017

August 2017 Update

The trenching works has damaged some of the trees on the west side of the Courtenay Drive and these will be removed. These are all trees that had been identified for replacement as part of the rebuild of the road. The roading project is expected to be underway in early 2018 and be finished mid-2018.

September 2017 Update

As from Monday 18 September a temporary road across the corner of the Charters St/Courtenay Dr intersection has been installed. There is a lot going on at this corner for the sewerage rebuild and this temporary road reduces disruption and makes access to the Charters Street properties as simple as possible. The road is formed with 1m high barriers and has a 30km speed limit. Traffic will return to Courtenay Drive as soon as possible, although the road closure in Courtenay Drive will still be maintained in other forms with the projects forecast to be complete in late October. The area used by the temporary road will be reinstated by the contractor, including grassing and fencing, on completion of the work.

January 2018 Update

  • Both new pump stations are now in operation and the old Courtenay Pump Station (near entrance to NCF Park) has been demolished.
  • The 1.2m diameter stormwater pipe near NCF park is currently being replaced and should be completed by the end of January 2018.
  • There is still some minor work to be completed in Courtenay Drive prior to the road construction starting - capping off some of the disused water pipes in the area and completing some minor service repairs. It is expected all work should be completed by early February 2018.