Oxford-Ohoka Community Board

The Oxford-Ohoka Community Board covers the township of Oxford and the surrounding areas of Ohoka, West Eyreton, Cust and Swannanoa.

Our Community Board pages are being updated with the new board members contact details.

Meeting agendas and minutes

For the agendas and minutes of the Oxford-Ohoka Community Board, please see the Agendas and minutes page.


Grants are available from the Oxford-Ohoka Community Board. Further information on the types of grants available can be found on the Board funding page.

Oxford-Ohoka Community Board Members

Chair: Doug Nicholl

Postal address: 58 Mill Road, Ohoka

Deputy Chair: Mark Brown

Postal address: 1482 North Eyre Road, Rangiora, RD Rangiora 7475

James Ensor

Postal address: 32 Truro Close, Manderville, RD2,Kaiapoi 7692

Shirley Farrell

Postal address: 74 Bush Road, Oxford

John Lynn

Thomas Robson

Postal address: 408 Ashley Gorge Road, Oxford RD1

Wendy Doody

Kevin Felstead