New seat shows what communities can achieve

Published: 28-May-2018

Pegasus resident, Jared Oelderink-Wale had an idea to put a seat on the sand dunes at the Pegasus Beach car park, enabling people to take a few moments to enjoy panoramic views of the bay towards Banks Peninsula.
He brought his idea to the attention of the Pegasus Residents Group in May hoping that they could help turn his idea into a reality. The Residents Group contacted the Woodend-Ashley Community Board, and there was no turning back.

A site meeting was held with Jared, a representative from the Pegasus Residents Group and Council staff to agree on a suitable location for the seat. The area at the top of the existing loop track offered the best views and the ground was already stabilised as part of the track’s original construction, making it an appropriate choice for its placement.

The seat, designed and constructed by local engineer Dave Stevens, matches the style of seating used elsewhere along the coast and was funded by the Woodend-Ashley Community Board’s general landscaping budget. This budget is available to the Board for the beautification and enhancement of areas in the Woodend-Ashley ward, and has also been used to enhance the Ashley Cenotaph with plantings, as well as extra plantings at the Sefton Domain. The Board welcomes suggestions from the community for use of this budget.

Karen Eastwood, Woodend-Ashley Community Board Chair says “This is a fabulous example of how people can get involved to make things happen in their community. No idea is too big or small to progress to get an outcome that is beneficial to everyone. We are really pleased to have been able to work with Jared and the Pegasus Residents Group to make this happen”.

The unveiling of the seat was attended by Karen Eastwood, Chair of the Woodend-Ashley Community Board, Rhonda Mathers, Secretary of the Pegasus Residents Group, Jared Oelderink-Wale and Dan Cameron from the Green Space Team at the Waimakariri District Council.

Within 15 minutes of the unveiling, Graham and Pat Tucker from Tauranga, and Marion Fairbrass from Christchurch gave the seat a test run. They reported that the seat was very comfortable and encourage people to come and sit on it while you can still smell the fresh wood.

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