Status of District Roads, Fords, and Bridges

Cyclone Gita has come and gone and efforts are now focused on ensuring our roads and bridges are safe for travel throughout the District.

Water has largely receded throughout the roading network and damage is being assessed in affected areas. All bridges are being superficially inspected as much as the water levels allow at the current time; more detailed inspections will be actioned when water recedes further.

Pavements are saturated and potholes have develop quickly throughout the network in sealed and unsealed roads alike. The public’s patience is appreciated as crews work to identify and repair these areas where possible.

Crews are removing and repositioning signs as required. Drivers are strongly advised to drive with care and follow posted signs.

Areas of interest:

  • All fords remain closed and are being assessed
  • The Eyre River is running full so avoid this area if possible
  • Broad Road is closed due to flooding
  • Lees Valley is being assessed

Additional updates will be provided throughout the day.