Harvest Moving from the Coast

The harvest continues to travel on at a fair pace and our contractors moved into Block 3 adjacent to Pegasus township to harvest windblown trees. They will also tidy up the edge of the forest to make it safe, as the remainder of this block will be harvested in 2019.

Our contracting crews in Kairaki and Pines Beach are also carrying out some additional remedial work in and around the harvest areas.  They will be working on removing potentially unsafe trees as health and safety is a key priority.   Identified trees will continue to be felled along the Kairaki Walkway behind Dunns Avenue in Pines Beach.

Further work will begin on Tuesday 18 September to remove old trees on Council reserve on the corner of Featherstone Avenue and Reid Memorial Avenue.  This work will take around a week to complete and there will be stop go traffic management in place during the felling period.  The crew will also being using the Reid Memorial reserve as a fall zone too so the impact to traffic should be kept to a minimum.

As well as continuing with the harvest of the coastal forestry blocks, the contractors will also be moving into a new site identified by Council as ready for harvest.  Part of the forestry block north east of the Woodend Christian Camp off Woodend Beach Road will also be harvested.

The harvest of this block will be completed over a 6 week period starting on Thursday 20 September.  The logging trucks will continue to use Woodend beach Road for access and entry and exit to State Highway One.  We anticipate around 30 truck movements each day.

The area being harvested is in the middle of the block and not visible from either Gladstone or Woodend Beach Roads. However, there are some informal access routes in and around this block which will be closed to the public during the harvest period.

As ever, health and safety is key so please look out for the danger tape around sites and observe the signs.  These are to keep the public safe in a work environment – please make the right choices to keep yourself safe.

Contact: Rob Hawthorne

Phone: 0800 965 468

Email: rob.hawthorne@wmk.govt.nz