Council Releases Final Proposal for Representation Arrangements

With the October 2022 local body elections on the horizon, the Council has released its final proposal for Waimakariri’s representation arrangements following public consultation earlier this year.

The Representation Review sought to ensure the Council retained effective and fair representation for the community. All territorial authorities are required under the Local Electoral Act 2001 to review their representation arrangements at least every six years.

During the consultation, the Council sought the public’s views on topics such as the total number of councillors for the District, how they are elected and whether Waimakariri should retain community boards.

The Council itself only proposed one change, which concerned the way members are elected to the Rangiora-Ashley Community Board. Currently five board members are elected from the Rangiora subdivision, while three are elected from the Ashley subdivision. The Council has now proposed that six will be elected from the Rangiora subdivision and two elected from the Ashley subdivision to better reflect the current population ratio.

The Council received 15 submissions during the consultation period. Eight submissions supported the Council’s proposed approach, while seven submissions contained objections to various elements within the proposed representation arrangements.

Having considered all of the objections, the Council decided to adopt the initial proposal as the Council’s final proposal. It’s expected that the Local Government Commission will confirm Waimakariri’s final representation arrangements in March 2022.

Read the full proposal here. Objectors have until 20 December to appeal