Aqua Play Park to Open Late November

The WHoW Trust have been given the green light to operate an Aqua Play Park in Kaiapoi’s NCF Reserve.

Child on water inflatableThe Kaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community Board granted the Trust a Licence to Occupy for a term of three years, and resource consents have been granted from both Waimakariri District Council and Environment Canterbury to run the inflatable water park.

The Trust plan to open “Kaikanui Aqualand NZ” on Saturday 27 November.

“Because of the resource consent conditions we feel assured that there won’t be any negative impacts on the environment, and it will be a positive addition for Kaiapoi by bringing more visitors to the town”, says Chris Brown, Manager Community and Recreation.

Aqualand would primarily be made up of floating bouncy castles and pontoons and will operate for six months of the year during the peak summer months and holidays. In the off-season, inflatables and any other ancillary buildings will be packed down and stored away.

More about the park can be found here.

During consultation for the proposal, 89 submissions were received, with 71 percent supporting the project and 23 percent opposed.

The concerns from those who opposed the play park were around water quality, impact on wildlife, traffic management and parking, noise and the risk of vandalism.

Below is an outline of the consent conditions, and full details of the can be viewed under ‘documents’ here.

ECan’s consent conditions included:

  • Anchoring of any floating, inflatable obstacles in Courtenay Lake and tethering and anchoring to the bank
  • The installation and removal of 70 concrete anchors on the bed of Courtenay Lake (removal would be once the Aqua Park facility is decommissioned or once the consent expires - whichever occurs first)
  • The consented activities shall only occur for six months of the year between the months of October and March
  • Installation or placement of structures shall not be undertaken in any inanga (fresh water fish) spawning habitat during spawning season of 1 March to 1 June
  • Various conditions around wildlife, in particular bird monitoring and surveys at Courtenay Lake to locate the nests or chicks of any ‘Nationally Threatened’ or ‘At Risk’ bird species present.

Council consent conditions included:

  • The hours of operation of the Aqua Park and ancillary activities shall only operate between 8am and 9pm Monday to Sunday
  • The operation shall be at a maximum, from 1 October to 31 March annually
  • All equipment and structures shall be fully removed from the site at the end of each six month cycle
  • The consent holder shall provide a site management plan for approval to the Council’s Compliance Team Leader that includes how rubbish will be disposed of, weeding, mowing of lawns and toilet waste disposal, as well as a comprehensive emergency response procedure, and notification of emergency procedures for any hydrocarbon spills and wet weather ponding risk
  • The consent holder shall reinstate any damage to the carpark area to a grassed surface by 30 April each year to the satisfaction of Council’s Greenspace Manager
  • 65 car parks should be provided that are clearly marked, including three mobility car parks and five cycle parks onsite
  • Noise limits apply.