Parking Strategy Plans for Future Growth

The Council is planning for the future of parking in the Waimakariri District with the draft District Parking Strategy released this week for community feedback.

The Council estimates that the Rangiora Town Centre may require up to 800 additional car parks in the future.

The Strategy follows an informal parking survey completed earlier this year, which identified parking challenges from the community’s perspective.  According to the 400 respondents, the top three issues were: an undersupply of carparks (49% of contributors), traffic flow/congestion on the main streets in the town centres (39%), and limited town centre parking for all day workers (37%).

The Council estimates that within the Rangiora Town Centre alone, an additional 800 carparks will be needed by 2048.

Vanessa Thompson, Business and Centres Advisor, says the draft doesn’t get into detailed planning about where and how parking will be provided, rather it provides strategic direction for parking management in the Waimakariri District.

“It aims to strike a healthy balance between a range of issues such as our growing population, community expectations, transport emission targets, alternative transport modes and costs to the ratepayer,” says Vanessa.

The Strategy contains 18 policies which each cover different aspects of parking such as the supply of new parks, parking enforcement, priced parking and signage.

Vanessa says the Council is keen to hear feedback from the community on the concepts and ideas contained within the strategy.

Residents can view the full document and have their say at