It’s Back to School Next Week

The last term of school starts on Monday so our roads and footpaths will once again be busier with our children heading back to class.

As the days get warmer we can expect to see more children walking and biking to school so extra care is needed by all road users. 20211015 - Kids on Bike

“If you do drive your children to school, consider parking further away from the school gate and walk” says Road Safety Co-ordinator Kathy Graham

“This will help reduce congestion making it safer for everyone. Double parking is a big concern during pick-up and drop-off times and puts children at risk by creating more hazards for them to negotiate”.

Always reduce your speed and allow plenty of space when you see children walking or cycling. Kids can’t always judge the speed and distance of approaching cars – so slow down and expect the unexpected

A reminder that the speed past a stationary school bus is 20km/h regardless of the direction you are passing.

We ask all drivers to be extra careful on the roads as children settle into the last school term and remember:

*           Children cannot accurately judge the speed and distance of approaching cars

*           Young children cannot always locate the source of sounds

*           Children's eye levels are lower than adults; they may not always be able to see around parked cars

*           They get easily distracted around other children and may forget to look for traffic.

*           Ensure children have an item of clothing on that makes them visible in low light conditions

*           Model examples of safe behaviour to help children learn