Proposed Stormwater and Flood Mitigation Works at 213 Beach Road

Waimakariri District Council advises residents of proposed stormwater and flood mitigation works at 213 Beach Road.

The Works comprise of:

  • An underground reinforced concrete pumping station connected to Feldwick Drain, with above ground control building, yard, landscaping and fencing and located in the north-west corner of the Property over an area of approximately 650m2. This will be constructed with sheet piling and excavators and associated dewatering equipment.
  • An underground 900mm diameter pipeline that runs from the pumping station to the Kaiapoi River parallel with Feldwick Drain. This will be constructed by open trench using construction machinery and associated dewatering equipment. The trench shall be finished with topsoil and grass.
  • A bund of up to 1.25m high that forms a continuous raised landform from Beach Road to the Kaiapoi River stopbank generally parallel with Feldwick Drain. This will be grassed and constructed with mechanical earthworks equipment from imported granular material, topsoil and finished with grass.

Entry to the construction area is proposed from Beach Road and Askeaton Drive.

As part of Central Government’s ‘Shovel Ready Infrastructure Programme’ in 2020, Waimakariri District Council received a contribution of $9 million to co-fund a major upgrade of the Kaiapoi stormwater and flood mitigation system. The $18.3m project allows for construction of the Beach Road stormwater pumping station, pressure main and flood protection bund.

The property located at 213 Beach Road, Kaiapoi forms part of the scope for this work and is necessary for providing stormwater drainage to protect the urban area of North-East Kaiapoi.

Supporting documents:

Any objections to the proposed works should be made in writing and received before Friday 22 October.

Post to:

Waimakariri District Council, Private Bag
1005, Rangiora 7440 - Attention: 213 Beach Road

Or deliver to:

Rangiora Service Centre
215 High Street, Rangiora