Feedback Sought on Dangerous Buildings Policy

The Council is reviewing it’s Dangerous, Affected and Insanitary Buildings Policy and is asking residents for feedback on some proposed changes.

Fenced off earthquake damaged building in Rangiora High StreetThe Policy helps the Council ensure dangerous buildings, or those located near dangerous buildings, and buildings that are contaminated or insanitary are managed in a way that reduces risk to people, and outlines the steps needed to reduce danger.

“It’s an important tool we use to help us make decisions like if a building is safe to enter, or if fences or hoardings are needed to keep people safe. It was used a lot following the earthquakes with many damaged buildings fenced off to keep people away from any danger,” says Warren Taylor, Councils Manager Building Unit.

Dangerous, Affected and Insanitary Buildings are any where the current conditions mean the building or surrounding buildings could pose a safety risk to the public.

This could be a building severely damaged by fire which has lost its structural integrity or it could be one that causes neighbouring buildings to be classified as ‘Affected’.

Feedback is open from now until 5pm, Friday 24 September. Public hearings will be held on Monday 11 or Thursday 14 October, giving people an opportunity to present their feedback to a hearings panel online or in person.