Cycling and E-Scooters Top the Agenda

The Woodend-Sefton Community Board was pleased to hear an update from the Sefton Public Hall Committee at their meeting last week. The group had made a submission for funding towards a new hall under the Council’s recent Long Term Plan.

While this was being considered the group have been busy developing concept plans for the site in the Sefton Domain which would provide a new community hall for the area and replace the pavilion - which is a Council owned building. The Council has approved $200,000 for this project and will continue to work with the Hall Committee on the way forward and engagement with the community. 220721 - Cyclist Sharrow

Board Chair Shona Powell says, “This is exciting news for the area and the Board are very supportive of the Hall Committee and the work they have put in over a long period to get this project happening. We look forward to working with them on this as the project develops.”

Staff asked the Board for feedback about an e-scooter trial which would include Woodend, Pegasus, Kaiapoi and Rangiora and this generated good discussion. The safety aspect was debated along with the parking and number of scooters in the trial. Options being considered include speed restrictions in certain areas, making them non-operational in busy pedestrian areas, ensuring they are parked in a safe way as well as ‘no parking’ areas.

During a workshop about the draft Cycle Network Plan, the Board decided the priorities relating to their area are:

  1. A path between Woodend and Kaiapoi which would provide a safe way for Kaiapoi High School students to get to school and for commuters. It would also be the last bit of the puzzle to connect the three major settlements of Woodend/Pegasus, Kaiapoi and Rangiora
  2. Connecting the north-east of the District to and from Mainpower Stadium
  3. Lastly, an essential connection between the Pegasus roundabout and Woodend as this is a very busy section of SH1, which is very unsafe at present.

Next meeting is on Monday 9 August at the Pegasus Community Centre starting at 6 pm. All are very welcome to attend.