A Grants Trio for Oxford-Ohoka Community

Swannanoa Volunteer Fire Brigade was one of three groups awarded grants at the community board meeting last week.

Image of the Swannanoa Volunteer Fire Brigade fleet The Brigade were awarded $500 toward two applications; one to help with the cost of holding an open day on 1 August and another for uniforms for their junior crew.

There was a lot of positivity and praise for the efforts of the volunteers and the Board were especially supportive of the open day.

Board Chair, Doug Nicholl, says “we can’t say thanks enough to all the dedicated volunteers in the fire service out there who give up so much to keep our community safe.”

“The open day in particular is a great opportunity to bring people together, increase awareness and understanding of the brigade. We’re happy to support their event and hope the community rally around them as well.”

Building up the library collection

Another grant of $454.87 was awarded to West Eyreton Primary School towards the cost of Lego and new books for their community school library.

The school can’t wait to add the classic kids’ favourite, Lego, to the line-up at the library for the first time. Budding bookworms will also have a great new selection of stories to read and enjoy.

Ceramics workshops can go ahead

A third grant of $500 was awarded to Oxford Arts Trust towards the cost of shelving, cupboards and furniture for safely storing ceramics materials and artworks.

Without a safe place to store finished pieces, clay, pigments and some of their more hazardous chemicals, the ceramics workshops would not be able to take place.

For more information about grants including the criteria and application forms, visit the Board Funding Opportunities and Grants page.

The next meeting of the Oxford-Ohoka Community Board is on Wednesday 4 August at 7.00pm at the Ohoka Community Hall.