Flooding Update - Moving Into Recovery Mode

The state of emergency declared and extended for the 30 May 2021 Canterbury floods has now ended with Councils across the region shifting their focus to recovery.

While four areas in Waimakariri were evacuated as a precaution during peak rainfall and high tide times (The Pines Beach/Kairaki, areas near the Eyre River, an area north of Fernside and a small number of homes near the Okuku River) the amount of damage across the District was low.

For over 11 days Waimakariri District Council staff have offered welfare support to affected residents, assessed buildings impacted by flood water, repaired damaged storm water infrastructure, reopened roads and are continuing to work to reconnect roads to Lees Valley.

“The amount of work put in during a short period of time has been significant,” says Mayor Dan Gordon.

“For any residents still dealing with issues relating to this event I would encourage you to touch base with the Council. While we are shifting to recovery mode we know the job isn’t over and remain on hand to help out.”

The Pines Beach/Kairaki  Vehicle Access

Vehicle access to The Pines Beach/Kairaki river mouth reopened today.

Council staff will not be removing driftwood from the beach. Most of the debris will eventually wash away with the tide and we are not planning to interfere with that natural process.


A small number of roads remain closed:

  • All Fords across the District
  • Lees Valley Road. There are two slips and three bridges with approaches washed out. We anticipate 4X4 access through the length of the valley for residents will be operational within two weeks
  • Okuku Pass Rd. Repairs are underway
  • Horsford Downs Rd. Repairs are underway
  • Island Rd east of Mounseys Rd. A culvert repair is required.


  • Garrymere water supply residents no longer need to boil water.

Need to report an issue or require help?

Contact the Council on 0800 965 468.

See also EQC Damage to your Farm Factsheet for guidance on damage to farms or rural properties following a natural disaster.