Kairaki Beach Access Restored

Kairaki Beach access will be restored to vehicles this afternoon as the Council announces that the locked chain will be dropped following it's closure due to the recent flood event.

Piles of debris washed up at Kairaki Beach at the rivermouthThe beach at the river mouth is littered with debris that was washed down the river during the heavy rain, and so visitors wishing to access the beach should use 4WD vehicles only and take extreme care.

The rules of the Northern Pegasus Bay Beach Bylaw will apply to all activities as usual, and Council’s Community Projects Officer, Mike Kwant reminds people driving on the beach to follow posted speed limits to keep everyone safe.

“The river mouth is a popular spot for beachcombers and there will be a lot of people out and about helping to tidy up the area. Please be vigilant and remember that the speed limits reduces from 30kmph to 10kmph within 50 metres of walkers”.

Changes at the river mouth and the debris build up have created a sand ledge at the high tide mark, so drivers are reminded to check tides before heading out, to make sure they can return below the high tide mark while the tide allows. Driving below the high tide mark protects fragile dunes, vegetation, wildlife and their breeding habitat.

For the safety and enjoyment of all beach users, and to protect precious wildlife areas, there are some key things people need to know before heading out:

  • Recreational driving, or driving for pleasure is not allowed on any area of the Northern Pegasus Bay coastal strip.
  • Vehicles must not drive on any dunes in Northern Pegasus Bay.
  • All vehicles must drive below the last high tide mark.
  • Vehicles must give way and show consideration to people, horses and other animals and birds at all times.
  • Road rules and the law relating to vehicle use apply in all areas.

Visit our website to find out more about the rules for driving on the beach and the Northern Pegasus Bay Bylaw.