Oxford-Ohoka Community Board Wrap Up 2020

The Oxford-Ohoka Community Board awarded a $500 grant to Swannanoa Preschool in their final meeting for the year.

Swannanoa Preschool keep’s the community’s little people active and having fun while introducing them to the world of learning. The grant will go toward purchase of a wet/dry vacuum to help keep the centre spick and span so the wee busy-bodies can stay busy.

The Board have supported a wide range of groups this year, with funding going towards upgrading old sports gear in schools, replacing public AED (defibrillator) batteries, supporting the safety of the local Community Patrol, and helping various clubs with the purchase of equipment and uniforms.

Board Chair, Doug Nicholl, acknowledged it’s been a very challenging year for many and he praised the local community organisations that continue to work hard to make the District a great place to live, work and play.

“These groups add great value to our community and the general wellbeing of residents. We’re always happy to support such organisations and we encourage those in need of a helping hand to look at applying for funding” says Doug Nicholl.

Further information including the full criteria and application form is available on the Board Funding Opportunities page.

Reflecting on other successes, the Board were pleased with the headway made on various projects across local parks, reserves and in town centres.

Some of the works include bike stands and street furniture being installed in Oxford, landscaping at Oak Reserve (West Eyreton), and picnic tables installed in Mandeville Village Reserve.

The Board also made a plan to develop the Oaks Reserve (Oxford) and look forward to hearing the outcome of their submission to the Long Term Plan for dog-park funding next year.

The Oxford-Ohoka Community Board would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas, and they look forward to getting back to business in the New Year.

Their first meeting for 2021 is on Wednesday 3 February at 7pm in the Oxford Town Hall.