Students’ Initiative Gets Community New Doggy Poo Bin

A new dog poo bin has been installed in Pegasus thanks to Woodend School Students Ashley Kerr and Poppy Archer.

New dog poo bin near Te Kohanga Drive in PegasusThe year seven students noticed the amount of dog poo on their local streets, particularly during the COVID-19 lockdown, and set about doing something to sort it out.

The pair approached Waimakariri District Council Mayor Dan Gordon with the problem and had a suggestion for how it could be fixed. They suggested a dog poo bin equipped with bags be provided, helping to encourage people to clean up after their dogs.

In response, they were visited by the Mayor so they could talk more about their idea.

“Ashley and Poppy had a great attitude towards solving the problem and myself, Board Chair Shona Powell and Green Space Manager Grant MacLeod are extremely proud of them for coming up with this solution for their community,” says Mayor Gordon.

Once the details were fleshed out, a report was put to the Woodend-Sefton Community Board who whole-heartedly supported the initiative. Board Chair Shona Powell said the girls put a lot of thought into the location of the bin, which is situated beside the walking path off Te Kohanga Drive.

The students have gone a step further than just getting the bin installed, and have volunteered to keep an eye on the bin and replenish supplies of poop bags when needed.