Cust Boil Water Notice

17 November 2020

The boil water notice issued for the Cust Water Supply has been lifted but chlorination remains in place.

The E. coli that was detected last Tuesday morning has been found to have originated at the water headworks site.

While subsequent tests have shown no E. coli, the headworks requires additional upgrades to stop the issue happening again.

These upgrades are scheduled for mid next year. Until this work can be undertaken chlorination will remain in place to keep the water safe and so residents are no longer required to boil water.

Following the upgrade Council will apply to the new drinking water regulator to get chlorine removed.

12 November 2020

The boil water notice issued for the Cust Water Supply remains in place. It it likely this will remain in place over the long weekend.

Following the discovery of E. coli earlier this week during routine testing emergency chlorination has been put in place.

At this stage it is considered that the headworks site is the most likely source of the contamination.

We are currently undertaking a detailed assessment of the tanks and wider system to identify any potential faults or sources of contamination.

We will continue daily sampling at the source, the headworks and in the reticulation, to test if water is clear of E. coli and chlorine is being effective.

10 November 2020

A boil water notice has been issued for the Cust Water Supply following the discovery of E. coli during routine testing. Emergency chlorination has been put in place and we are working to determine the source of contamination.

Drinking water should be boiled on a rolling boil for one minute. Residents are requested to inform any neighbours or friends on the scheme who may not be aware of this notice.

Council's Water Unit will be undertaking sampling and flushing of the network this morning. We expect the network will be fully flushed and residents will be receiving chlorinated water by about midday today.

Unsure if you're affected? See the below map for the scheme members or call 0800 965 468 (WMK GOV) to check.

Cust Water Supply