A Bid for Dog Park Funding

Oxford’s proposed dog park now has a location but whether or not the proposal will become a reality is to be decided on by a submission to the 21-31 Long Term Plan (LTP) for funding.

The Oaks Reserve came out top dog after the Board considered a number of potential sites for an off-lead exercise area for dogs.

Nestled in behind the Oxford Cemetery, the reserve ticked a number of boxes with area size, risk/safety to dogs and other animals, proximity to users and land ownership all adding to the mix.

With facilities already in Rangiora, Pegasus and Kaiapoi, the Oxford community are eager to see a similar space locally for their own canine companions.

The Board rely on a successful LTP outcome to fund the development. A plan is now being designed along with a submission to the 21-31 LTP.

Creating a More Usable Space

Looking ahead, the Board want to ensure the community can access and enjoy The Oaks Reserve regardless of the LTP decision.

They have previously agreed to develop a section of the reserve through their General Landscaping Budget. This will create a more usable area among the towering oaks for recreation. Board Chair, Doug Nicholl says

“Considering the nature of the reserve - the site size, the mature trees - there’s real potential to make this a great place for the community to enjoy.”

“If our LTP bid is successful, the proposed dog exercise area would neighbour this recreational space.”

What This Means for The Oaks Reserve

The Oaks Reserve is Council-owned land which is currently leased. Multiple land-uses could be catered for with pockets of leasehold land retained, but the classification of space will vary depending on the LTP outcome.

The work to create a more usable space is also impacted by the current tenancy and will take place following the LTP decision.

Submissions to the Plan close at the end of March 2021 with results expected in July 2021.

The final meeting of 2020 will be held at the Ohoka Community Hall on Wednesday 2 December at 7.00pm.