Woodend War Memorial Enhanced

The Woodend-Sefton Community Board were pleased to hear about the donation of two seats from the Woodend Lions Club to further enhance the Woodend War Memorial at their meeting last Monday.

Woodend Lions Club shared with the Board that they will have the donated seats installed at the war memorial at no cost to the Council. They would also like to look at installing a sign for the Memorial and will seek external funding support for this.

Shona Powell, Board Chair says,

“This has been a great partnership project with the Woodend Lions Club and we are really pleased to see these final touches put in place. We are grateful for the time and commitment that the Club have put into developing the memorial and also extend our thanks to all the donors that made it possible.”

The Board also held a workshop with staff and were updated on a myriad of different topics including the draft cemetery policy, road improvements and capital projects for the upcoming Long Term Plan.

The members exchange illustrated just how much the Community Board members get up to outside of the meetings.  This includes community association meetings, Council advisory groups, school assemblies and some volunteering work at a local community centre to name a few.

The next meeting of the Woodend-Sefton Community Board is on Monday 9 November at the Woodend Community Centre starting at 6pm and the public are very welcome to attend.