Speed Limits Under Review South of Kaiapoi

The Waimakariri District Council are asking for feedback on reducing speed limits south of Kaiapoi to improve safety in the area.

Driver in a car on the roadIf approved, the speed limit on Main North Road, Tram Road, Doubledays Road and several side streets would be dropped to 60km/h.

“The safety of road users is one of Council’s top priorities”, said Council’s Roading and Transport Manager Joanne McBride. “Making sure speed limits are appropriate for local conditions is one way we can reduce the risk for everyone.”

The review follows several upcoming major changes to roads in the surrounding area, which include new traffic lights at Tram Road, a shared path along Main North Road and upgrades to State Highway 1.

Feedback is open until Friday 6 November, with Council staff available at the Ohoka Market on Friday 23 October to talk through the proposals and answer questions.

“We want to hear what the community think of the speed limit proposals, and if there are any other factors we should consider”, says Joanne.

After collecting feedback, staff will report to the Community Boards and the Council, who will make a final decision.

Changes being proposed:

RoadCurrent SpeedProposed Speed
Main North Road - between the Old Waimakariri River Bridge and the Neeves Road intersection80km/h60km/h
Main North Road - between the Neeves Road intersection and Kaiapoi, at the existing 50km/h speed limit change80km/h60km/h
Tram Road between Main North Road and a point 180m past the eastern intersection of Greigs Road, including 50-100m of the motorway on and off-ramps100km/h60km/h
Doubledays Road100km/h60km/h