School Athletics and the Green Machine

Golf course green, that is. The Oxford-Ohoka Community Board were delighted to award two grants supporting local sports at their meeting on Wednesday.

They awarded $500 to the Waimakariri Gorge Golf Club to help them replace their greens mower. The current machine is no longer suitable for maintaining the greens, however it won’t go to waste as the Club plan to repurpose it to mow the surrounds.

At $55,775, the new mower is a hefty investment and final fundraising initiatives are well underway with Club hoping to complete the purchase by the end of November.

“It’s obvious that a lot of hard work has gone into raising funds already,” said Board Chair, Doug Nicholl. “The Club are very dedicated and take great pride in their facilities – which is echoed by members and visitors to the course.”

He says the 18-hole Club, which formed in 1961, has an excellent reputation and attracts over 500 visitors to the area each year.

Raising the Bar at Ohoka School

Ohoka School were awarded $488 to upgrade their dated high jump equipment.

This investment will give the School equipment suitable for all ages and abilities. The addition of a collapsible bar means it’ll be easier for younger kids to learn and enjoy high jump.

“It’s important that schools have the right equipment so children can safely try new sports.” said Doug Nicholl. “However it comes at quite a cost, which can be difficult for schools to cover.”

The new gear is sure to see plenty of action with regular School athletics days and a crop of keen young athletes training for District and Regional events.

The Board are pleased to see funding applications coming in from community groups and want to see them continue. Local not-for-profit groups could be awarded a grant of up to $500. Find out more about Discretionary Grants, the criteria and download an application.

New Seating for Popular Spots

Locals will soon be able to enjoy some new features in Mandeville Village Reserve and along Oxford’s Main Street.

The Mandeville Residents Association donated two new picnic tables and they will be installed at Mandeville Village Reserve. Over in Oxford, Main Street shoppers will be able to make use of nine bike stands and a new bench seat heading their way, approved from the General Landscaping Fund.

The next Oxford-Ohoka Community Board meeting is on Wednesday 4 November 2020 at 7pm at the Oxford Town Hall.