Kaiapoi Welcomes First Berth Lease

The Kaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community Board were excited to hear that the Kaiapoi Marine Precinct was now home to its first paying customer, after a  live-aboard application was approved for a visiting sail boat owner.

“It’s great to see the river coming back to life”, said Board Chair Chris Greengrass.

“We understand there’s strong interest in the remaining berths, so the waterfront is going to be even more vibrant in the future.”

The boutique marina incorporates a 112m floating river pontoon and offers a range of lease berths from casual through to long-term. Special arrangements are already in place for the Kaiapoi River Queen and the vessels that were previously moored at the wharf.

Earlier in their October meeting, the Board approved two discretionary grants to local community groups.

$500 will given to the Kaiapoi Borough School towards the cost of hosting their annual Back-to School family picnic.  The event seeks to bring Kaiapoi Borough School families together for a day of fun, food and community building and is completely free for attendees.

The Community Board has traditionally shied away from granting money to schools as they believe they should be primarily funded by the Ministry of Education.  However in this case the Board viewed the picnic as important event for local families and wished to recognise the important work of the school’s Parent Teacher Association.

The other grant of $500 was awarded to the Kaiapoi Branch of the North Canterbury Pony Club towards the cost of building of an enclosed area so less experienced riders can ride in a smaller space.  While approving the grant, the Board praised the work of the Club, highlighting their record of volunteering in the District.

Board Members also discussed two letters received from the Kaiapoi District Museum which raised issues with local signage.  The first letter asked for Risely Reserve, which is small strip of land between the motorway off-ramp and Ohoka Road/Whitefield Street shops, to be given a sign like many other reserves and parks in the area.

The second was in regard to the return of the Obelisks to the riverbanks of Kaiapoi River.  The Museum pointed out that the obelisk on Kaiapoi Port shipping, has misspelled the screw steam vessel as ‘Wookkon’ rather than ‘Wootton’.

Both matters were referred to the Council’s Greenspace Team to follow up.

The next Kaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community Board meeting will be held on Monday 16 November.