Kaiapoi flood resilience investigations starting soon

Council has been awarded central Government shovel-ready funding to reduce the impact of flooding on urban and rural properties in Kaiapoi. To further scope this project we will be undertaking an aerial survey of the area in late October via drone.

Alongside the aerial survey, other site investigations will take place between now and Christmas – such as digging small holes in roadside areas to confirm the location, size and life-span of current infrastructure like pipes.

During the survey stage you may notice some high-vis wearing workers, surveyors and small excavators in the business and residential areas of central Kaiapoi.

The funding will enable the construction of pump stations and associated infrastructure and create about 40 jobs suited to local tradespeople.

Following a significant flood in 2014, the Council developed a plan to construct pump stations and other stormwater infrastructure in central Kaiapoi to improve drainage and reduce the impact of flooding.

The upgrade will increase the resilience of the stormwater network across Kaiapoi and reduce the likelihood of flooding in big storm events.The overall project cost is $18m and will be jointly funded from existing Council budgets ($9m) as well as Government Shovel Ready Projects funding ($9m).

The physical flood protection works (installation of pump stations and upscaling of pipes) will take place in the coming year and we will be in touch with further notices like this to keep you updated.