Residents Invited to Discuss Cycleway Options

The construction of a cycleway along Peraki Street dominated the Kaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community Board meeting for the second month running, as members approved setting up a working group to look at resident’s concerns.

A number of people living on Peraki and Vickery Streets have been worried about the Belfast to Kaiapoi Cycleway’s potential impact on parking, property values and access for emergency services.

Board Chair, Chris Greengrass said the Board was listening carefully to their objections,

“This working group gives us a chance to work directly with residents to find an option that benefits people who live on these streets as well as the wider community who will be using the cycleway. I think this project has the potential to be a really positive improvement for the area.”

The working group will work with Council staff to look at for options that will address the residents’ concerns. It will include people who live on the affected streets, cyclists, an independent traffic engineer and representatives from local schools and emergency services.

The outcome along with residents’ views will be reported back to the Community Board, who will then make a final recommendation to the Council. If an agreeable option isn’t found, it’s possible the funding will be allocated to a similar project in another area of the District.

The Belfast to Kaiapoi Cycleway threads through Kaiapoi from the new cycle lane on the SH1 Waimakariri Bridge to the Passchendaele Memorial Path and improves safety for commuters cycling from Rangiora or Kaiapoi into Christchurch.

The Board also received a report on safety at the Ohoka and Island Road intersection since the completion of the new arterial road bypassing Silverstream. There have been safety concerns at the site following several crashes, Roading & Transport Manager, Joanne McBride stated that a consistent factor in the crashes was that the vehicle at fault was driving north along Island Road.

The Council would be looking at several short-term improvements such as installing “Stop Ahead” signage on Island Road and clear road markings reinforcing the 50km/h speed limit change.

The intersection had been designed for the installation of traffic lights once traffic volumes increased, however this would need additional funding from the Council and NZTA, as the expected cost could be in excess of $1M.

The next Kaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community Board meeting will take place Monday 19 October