Help Shape How Council Engages

Waimakariri District Council is updating its Significance and Engagement Policy – the document which details how the organisation engages with the community.

We want to ensure the decisions made reflect the aspirations of tangata whenua, residents, ratepayers, community groups and business.

To help us to make the best decisions, Council engages with our communities every day in a number of different ways. Sometimes, this is us providing information, and other times we directly seek input into the decision-making processes.

Our Significance and Engagement Policy helps us by doing two main things:

  1. It outlines for the Council and the community how we decide what issues, proposals, decisions, assets and activities are significant
  2. Sets out how and when communities can expect to input into council decision-making processes.

The primary update to the policy is to include additional methods of engagement.

More information and the ability to have your say is available at Engagement is open until 26 October.