Dog Park Considered for Oxford

The prospect of unleashing a dog park in the Oxford area was back on the table at last week’s Oxford-Ohoka Community Board meeting.

Creating this type of space presents a significant cost, and in order to go ahead in the Oxford area, will require a submission to the Long Term Plan (LTP) for funding.

Returning to workshop the topic, Greenspace Community Engagement Officer, Grant Stephens, presented a matrix that compared possible locations for creating an off-lead dog park.

Land ownership, site size, risk/safety to dogs, ground conditions and proximity to users were among the 12 criteria assessed and discussed during the workshop.

Board Chair, Doug Nicholl, says “There’s been significant and growing interest from the community for an off-lead space where dogs are able to exercise and play. Our next step in the process is to start on the groundwork required in order to make a submission to the LTP for funding.”

In preparation for the submission, Greenspace will continue to work with Board members Wendy Doody, Thomas Robson, Shirley Farrell and Doug Nicholl on the best location from the seven possibilities. Staff will then return with a draft design and cost analysis for consideration by the Board.

A couple of appointments were also made during the September meeting.

Board Member Ray Harpur was selected as the Oxford-Ohoka Community Board representative on the Poyntz Road Water Supply Advisory Group. This group helps advise Council on matters relative to the potable water supply scheme upgrade.

Also in need of a Board appointment was the Representation Review Working Party. This is being established to review a number of matters such as the options available around the election of councillors, the desirability of community boards, the most appropriate number of board members and councillors, and among other things, if further subdivisions and communities are required.

This is to ensure there is fair and effective representation for individuals and communities throughout the Waimakariri District and is required at least once every six years under the Local Electoral Act 2001. Board Member Mark Brown was appointed as the Oxford-Ohoka representative.

The next Community Board meeting will take place at 7pm on Wednesday 7 October 2020 at the Ohoka Community Hall.