Bus Route Changes in Waimakariri from Monday

Changes to Metro bus routes and timetables are being rolled out from Monday, bringing changes to the 1 Rangiora - Cashmere (Blue Line) and the 95 Pegasus/Waikuku - City routes. A new 97 Rangiora - Pegasus service will also start from Monday.

The Blue Line BusRoute changes mean that some bus stops will be permanently moved, and bus users are advised to take a look at the new routes and timetables before they head out to catch the bus on Monday.

A key change for the 1 Rangiora – Cashmere (Blue Line) is that that the service will travel via Williams Street and Lineside Road. In Rangiora, the service will now use West Belt and Kingsbury Avenue to access King Street rather than Enverton Drive. It will continue to use the existing terminus on Ashley Street in Rangiora. The service will continue to operate at its current frequencies.

The 95 Pegasus/Waikuku – City service will travel via Silverstream to Pegasus, operating half-hourly at peak times on weekdays and hourly at all other times. The service includes one trip on weekday mornings and afternoons, diverting to Kaiapoi High School so students can continue to access the school. There will be one trip in the morning from Waikuku, and two back in the afternoon/evening.

We are installing permanent bus stops and signs, and in some locations temporary signage is in place until our contractors complete the permanent installations. Bear with us as we work to have all permanent signage in place by early October.

The changes are a result of the Waimakariri Service Review, which was carried out by Environment Canterbury in May and July last year.  The review looked at how the existing bus service could be tailored to cover a bigger area in our Rangiora and Kaiapoi towns, and to provide better connections between townships across the District.