Repairs to Rangiora Service Centre Start this Weekend

This weekend work to repair the Rangiora Service Centre building starts and this will see a number of staff move to temporary locations around the town centre while work is underway.

Earlier this year, the Council received information which suggested parts of the upper floor area of the building was susceptible to earthquake damage due to the type of flooring used during the 1990s building extension.20200903 - Rangiora Service Centre

While repairs are underway the public still have full access to Customer Services.

The project will be completed in four stages and contractors will begin in the Council Chambers making a minor repair to strengthen this space so that staff can use this as temporary office space.

Other staff will be housed in leased spaces and will rotate through these spaces for the length of the project, which is due to be completed by May 2021.

The scope of this project has been significantly reduced with only the necessary repairs and upgrades being completed. The budget reflects this with the project costs now at around $2.5m down from $4.3m previously estimated.

Two properties have been leased for up to 12 months and one more permanently to allow for planned growth.