Funding Boosts Community Night Patrol

The Oxford-Ohoka Community Board hold a public forum each month as a part of their regular meeting.

Attending Wednesday’s forum, Mr Patrick Campbell took the opportunity to address the Board before a discussion about a Discretionary Grant Application submitted by the Oxford Community Night Patrol.

Mr Campbell, a coordinator with the group, gave further background on the Night Patrol and answered some questions from the Board.

The group is made up of a small number of dedicated volunteers who patrol Oxford and surrounding rural areas on Friday and Saturday nights, and they have been doing so for over two decades.

In their application, the group requested financial assistance to help purchase two sets of reflective magnetic signs to identify their volunteer patrollers’ private vehicles. The signs are essential safety equipment which identify patrollers to both members of the public and the police.

The Board acknowledged the valuable service the small group of volunteers provide to the local community and granted the Oxford Community Night Patrol their requested amount of $449.00.

Board Chair, Doug Nicholl, says “These volunteers give up a considerable amount of their own time and resources to help keep our community safe. We really appreciate all the good they do and hope this grant helps keep them visible and safe during patrols.”

Also tabled was a report regarding the proposed closure of stockwater race R3K-2A, located within the vicinity of Siena Place in Mandeville. This particular race is no longer required by the properties it services as they are mostly lifestyle blocks, rather than rural farms.

The affected property owners have been consulted with, the majority of which are in support of the closure.

Closing the race will reduce ongoing maintenance costs to the scheme and may improve efficiency of water delivery to the upstream network.

Because some sections of the race are combined with drainage channels, the channel will remain for drainage purposes and drainage capacity during a flood event is not expected to be an issue.

The Board were ultimately in support of the Staff recommendation to close the race. A final report will be presented at the next Utilities and Roading Committee meeting before going to Council for a final decision on 6 October.

Accountability updates from the previous years’ Discretionary Grant awardees were also presented during the meeting and Board Member Mark Brown was appointed as the Oxford-Ohoka Community Board representative on the Sustainability Strategy Steering Group.

The next Board meeting will take place on Wednesday 2 September at 7pm at the Oxford Town Hall.