Council Remains Open for Business at Alert Level 2

The majority of Council facilities remain open to the public at Alert Level 2 - including playgrounds, skateparks and dog parks.

Service centres, libraries, transfer stations and aquatic centres also remain open - although some services may not resume where they cannot be delivered safely (e.g. where physical distancing cannot be maintained).

Community facilities like halls and meeting rooms remain open to existing bookings – with safety protocols in place.

Full details on what facilities and services are open, including the safety measures put in place, are available at

Mayor Dan Gordon says it’s disappointing to be going to Alert Level 2 but the country has done this before and the District is ready.

“I think it’s fair to say that it’s unwelcome news that COVID-19 has re-emerged in New Zealand.

“During times like this it’s important to be kind, accommodating, and aware that your neighbours and friends may be responding differently than you. Please don’t panic – level 2 is a ‘reduce the risk’ level. We’ve been through this before and will get through it again.”

The Council is making sure that we are operating as safely as possible at this alert level so visitors to facilities and venues will notice contact tracing measures, sanitisation and distancing protocols that are in place.

Information about national and regional changes to Alert Levels can be found at