Community Facility Upgrades Welcomed

The meeting started with a deputation from Liz Duke about her family history from their farm where the Ravenswood residential development now sits. The family planted a significant number of trees which can still be seen in the area, and volunteered in many ways to support the community.

The Board heard from Grant MacLeod, Council’s Greenspace Manager, about work planned in the Pegasus area. This includes addressing some safety issues around Wanaka Reserve that will unfortunately include removing the slide.20200817 - Pegasus Roundabout

The Board were disappointed about the recent theft of the basket swing from Gladstone Park.

Shona Powell, Board Chair says, “This is the second time in less than a year that this swing has been stolen. They are always very popular in playgrounds and are used by people of all ages. Of course we will replace it but at a cost which may be at the expense of something else being done around the community.”

Woodend Community Association will be seeking funding for two more ‘Welcome to Woodend’ signs they would like to see on Rangiora Woodend Road and SH1, on the north side of the town. The Board has agreed that south of the Pegasus roundabout is the preferred location for the SH1 sign and that nearby residents will be consulted. This fits well with the desire of the Board to have welcome signs in all the communities in their area.

Now that the new bus service and change in route for the 95 service starts on 28 September the Board are considering the placement of bus stops. Given the new shortened route within Pegasus the best location for a new bus stop on Infinity Drive is still being worked on. A new bus stop is being created in Rangiora Woodend Road and two of the current school bus stops in Woodend Road will also be Metro bus stops for the new service.

The Greenspace team will be working with the Board and the wider community to explore options for a youth focussed project in Pegasus. It is still at very early stage of developing and will be shaped by young people in the community. Watch out for opportunities to get involved over the coming months.

The next meeting of the Woodend Sefton Community Board will be at 6pm on Monday 14 September at Woodend Community Centre and the public are very welcome to attend.