Cemetery Strategy Consultation Opens

The Council would like residents to have their say about its draft Cemetery Strategy, which is open for feedback until 31 August.

This is a high level document outlining how levels of service are managed and maintained across the Waimakariri Districts cemeteries. 07082020 - Cust Cemetery

Cemeteries play an important role in society, by supporting a sense of community, and reflecting the history of local people and cultures that founded and influenced the District.

The main objectives of the Cemetery Strategy are to:

  • Provide Council cemeteries that meet growth demands and community expectations;
  • Ensure cemeteries are designed effectively, are safe and comply with the requirements of relevant legislation;
  • Ensure up-to-date information regarding Council managed cemeteries is readily available in a range of sources and formats;
  • Provide clear direction for Council staff and the community regarding the use and management of cemeteries.

Later this year the Council will be asking residents to provide feedback on a Cemetery Policy to support this Strategy and this will guide the day-to-day management of Council cemeteries.

Find out more and have your say here, or pick up a feedback form from any Council Service Centre. Consultation opens today, August 7 and closes on 31 August.