More Boat Berths for Kaiapoi River

Now that dredging of the Kaiapoi River is complete, the contractors can now install four mooring piles to make space for three new boat berths.

The berths will be installed along the rock embankment adjacent to the wharf using a rig mounted on the floating barge. Contractors will be moving equipment and materials onto site from Tuesday 4 August and the piling work should start on Thursday 6 August.20200803 - Kaiapoi Wharf

Installing piles involves using a vibration method along with hammering to drive the steel piles and plastic sleeves into the riverbed before they are grouted into place, and the floating collars and pile caps are installed.

Piling can cause some noise and vibrations that may be felt by nearby properties. The piling work should be completed in a couple of days and the impacts are expected be minimal.