Stockwater Closure

Waimakariri Irrigation Limited will be working to repair the stockwater intake from Monday 18 May and the stockwater scheme will be closed. This is to repair damage caused by flooding in December 2019.

The river needs to be diverted away from the intake to allow for the water level to drop enough for pumps and a lifting crane to be put on site to remove a structure for more engineering work. 20200515 - Irrigation

We anticipate resuming stock water flow through the old intake on the same day, although flows may be intermittent and need to be reduced across the scheme.

The work will take approximately three days but could be subject to delays if high winds stop the cranes lifting process.

We will review the need for irrigation demand after the shutdown period. Please be advised that irrigation water delivery capacity will be reduced through the intake so some restrictions could apply after the shutdown depending on demand.