Businesses Returning From Lockdown Should Flush Taps

Businesses owners returning to their premises after lockdown are being advised to flush their taps so that the pipes can be recharged with fresh water.

Running tapDuring the Alert Level 4 lockdown, water left sitting in pipes could have changed in quality and become stagnant.

Councils Water Asset Manager Colin Roxburgh says that stagnation is normally avoided through regular water use.

“Of course during the lockdown business owners haven’t been able to access their buildings so there will be a build-up of old water in the pipes. We encourage a flush of taps from all points inside and out of the building before using the water”.

Heavy metals can also build up in plumbing fittings over time, so it’s another good reason to run the taps for at least 10 seconds to remove any contaminants.

If the building has floor drains, pour water into the drain to make sure that the trap water seal is fully restored in order to keep sewer gases from entering the building. Trap water seals can be lost due to evaporation within unoccupied buildings.

More information can be found here.