Help Available for Those in Need

With the country in lockdown, many minds have turned to the vulnerable, elderly and those in need of help.

The good news is, Cantabrians in need of assistance in accessing essential household goods and services due to the COVID-19 lockdown can get help via a local helpline.

Civil Defence Emergency Management Canterbury Group Controller Neville Reilly said that, in partnership with the Christchurch City Council and all district councils in Canterbury, a local helpline is now operating to help vulnerable people who are unable to access essentials such as food and medication.

“These measures will particularly assist the disabled, at risk groups, and people who cannot access these services themselves.

“This service is intended for those facing hardship and is offered in addition to a range of other support measures provided by other agencies, particularly the Ministry of Social Development.”

“We request that, if you are able to provide for yourself at this time, please help by keeping the line free for those who need urgent assistance.”

Residents who need assistance can call 0800 24 24 11. For Christchurch City, the helpline will operate 24/7. For other districts, the helpline will function during normal council business hours.

What this means for those in need in the Waimakariri District:

Please remember, the hotline is intended for those in need of welfare support who are struggling to attain goods or services through community connections or other means.

These needs might include:

  • Food, water, or clothing
  • Medication or other medical needs
  • Baby or infant needs
  • Pet needs – food, veterinary or shelter

As part of the CDEM Canterbury Group we have established a call centre response through our Customer Services team with the support of the Civil Defence Welfare team.

The call centre will operate from 7am to 7pm daily.

If you need assistance:

  • Waimakariri residents can call the Council's normal 0800 number directly (0800 965 468) to be connected with our Welfare support team.
  • You can also dial the helpline number 0800 24 24 11.

For those who live in Christchurch or other Canterbury Districts - please use the helpline number 0800 24 24 11 to be connected to your local response team.