Building Services During Level 4 Period

There will be a few changes to the services our Building Unit can offer under the Level 4 alert period.

We can:

  • Receive consent applications submitted on-line
  • Process consent applications within communication limits from Covid-19
  • Grant and issue building consents electronically – hard copies won’t be available
  • Process planning checks and PIM applications
  • Receive and process Code Compliance Certificates
  • Issue Code Compliance Certificates
  • Receive and process amendments to compliance schedules
  • Take urgent service requests
  • Complete dangerous or insanitary building inspections
  • Receive and issue BWOFs
  • Respond to technical queries over the phone and via email

What we can’t do at this level includes:

  • Site visits
  • Building inspections
  • Non urgent service requests
  • BWOF audits
  • Swimming pool Inspections.

Throughout this time, please feel free to get in touch with the Building Unit on 03 311 8906 or via email

For the latest information and for updates to the status of all facilities and services, please keep an eye on our COVID-19 page.