Advice for Campers at Level 4

Campers across New Zealand will have to self-isolate for the same four week period of time as the rest of the country under the level 4 COVID19 alert.

There are still a large number of visitors travelling in self-contained vehicles around the country. Please be mindful that many of these visitors have been here for a long time and came here to work and live.

It will be a stressful time for them too.

What advice do you have for travellers in self contained vehicles?
We are encouraging visitors in self-contained vehicles to stay at a commercial camping site if available. They will need to stay at the site for four weeks.

What about travellers in non-self-contained vehicles?
Council suggests that travellers in non-self-contained vehicles book into self-contained accommodation – motel units etc. They will need to stay at the site for four weeks.

Or if you're self-contained and can't find accommodation?
There are a number of sites in the Waimakariri area during the level 4 alert where campers without accommodation are encouraged to go:

If you stay at one of these locations you must remain in one location for the duration of the lock down period, with the exception of an individual sourcing essential supplies.

Staff will be doing a daily check and recording the details of campers at these sites throughout the four week lock down.

Where can you dump effluent?
Roadside dump stations are provided at three locations:

Temporary Accommodation Service

As part of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic the Temporary Accommodation Service is working with other government agencies to assist in providing temporary accommodation to those required to self-isolate who are unable to do so in their own homes or are travellers visiting New Zealand and do not already have suitable self-isolation accommodation arranged.

More information on how to register for this service is here.