Kaiapoi's Mandeville Footbridge to Stay Closed for a Few Months

Kaiapoi's Mandeville Footbridge will remain closed for a couple of months so repairs can be made so the bridge is safe to cross again.

In December we discovered damage on one of the structural towers of the bridge that holds the load-bearing cables in place. There is timber rot in the tower which means we had to close the bridge to keep residents safe.

Since then we have had fencing up showing the bridge closed but are hearing reports of people who are climbing over these and continue to use the bridge despite the danger.

With school starting soon we would ask that people spread the word about the bridge being unsafe and encourage everyone to cross the river via Williams St in the interim.

To fix the issue contractors are going to install a temporary steel structure over the damaged timber tower. This means we can transfer the cable loading to the temporary structure which will then allow replacement of the timber to be undertaken.

At this stage it is hard to determine when the bridge will be reopened. We are aiming to have all works completed within the next three to four months.

We'll keep you updated on progress.