Leak on Cust Township’s Water Supply Repaired

Published: 21-Nov-2019

Minor leaks detected at the headworks of Cust Township’s water supply have been repaired.

The leaks were found on the outlet pipes from two of the tanks. During the repairs, staff also took the opportunity to make some other minor improvements to the tank security.

Water GlassFollowing the detection by Council staff on 8 November, chlorine treatment was added to the supply as a precautionary step until the required repairs to the leak could be made.

Following the repair, samples have been taken throughout the system for three consecutive days at the well, headworks and pipes. These tests have confirmed the supply is sterile, and allowed chlorine treatment to be turned off on Saturday morning. The system was flushed to remove any chlorinated water.

Two tanks are now operational and an additional two tanks are expected to come back online over the next week, following some further work. This work will not impact the water supply.

The Council thank the Cust community for their patience while work to repair the leaks was completed.